Documents: Dolan Tried To Rid Church Of Problem Priests

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(KTVI) - Thousand of documents have been released by the Milwaukee Archdiocese detailing their response to decades of allegations of priest sex abuse.

St. Louis native Cardinal Timothy Dolan was Archbishop there from 2002 to 2009.  But some church critics are now calling Dolan a criminal. They say he conspired with the Vatican to transfer $57 million from Archdiocese coffers to a new fund called the “Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust.” This was to protect the church for paying for lawsuits.

The documents also allege that he paid-off priests accused of sexual misconduct to leave the church.

Read documents released by the Milwaukee Archdiocese

Cardinal Dolan responded to some of these accusations in a statement released by the Archdiocese of New York saying:  "The accusations that priests were paid off and that I established the fund to shield church assets from lawsuits are 'discredited attacks.'"

Dolan also says "the documents released show plainly that the bishops have been faithful to the promise made over a decade ago: permanent removal from ministry of any priest who abused a minor."

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