The Way It Oughta Be: Clearing the highways for Summer Travel

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(KPLR) – Clearing the highway for summer travels.  

I bought a set of tires some 3 years ago and I haven`t had a problem since.  I`m not hauling cattle in a big rig but I do make a few carpool runs with the kids.

I don`t quite understand why there are so many remnants from other tires out on the highway.
I was in front of a row of cars the other day that dodged a moon shaped part of a tire that was rocking backing and forth on the far left lane of interstate 44.

I don`t know what the solution is.  I`m told parts of big tires can peel off after a cross country trip.
I just wish someone could come up with a tire that holds together, even when its tread is gone.
I`d feel a lot safer out on the road.

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