Helping Seniors Stay Cool During The Hot Summer

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(KPLR) – The heat is on and it's a good time to remind people to check on and watch out for seniors, especially those who live alone.

Kevin Murphy, from Lutheran Senior Services, talked about some summer heat tips with Christine Buck.

Many people take air conditioning, fans and pools for granted. There are many folks who don't have air conditioners or access to cooler spots.

Here are some tips for staying cool in the summer:

  • Dress in light clothing
  • Keep out direct sunlight by lowering blinds and shades
  • Use an air conditioner to help keep the house temperature consistent; 78 degrees is recommended
  • Stay on the lower level of the house, usually cooler than upper floors
  • Don’t use heat-generating appliances such as the washer and dryer, during the day
  • Eat light meals and avoid alcohol which can dehydrate our bodies


  • The Button, usually worn around the neck, for overall safety
  • Sensors to detect increases or decreases in house temperature
  • Bed/Chair Occupancy - alarms sounds when person has not returned to be or a designated chair so a caregiver can check on the person’s well-being
  • Pressure Sensor - senses unassisted movement by a person and alerts caregiver of potential need for help
  • Motion Sensor - sounds alarm after a period of extended inactivity so a caregiver knows to check on the person
  • Smoke Sensor - of course, it goes without saying that smoke detectors should be in key locations
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