A Child’s Wish To Bake Comes True

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - There was a big surprise waiting Sunday for a local teen who’s been battling a potentially deadly illness.  In a way she’s found the perfect recipe for recovery.

Alexis arrived at the Butler’s Pantry in South St. Louis in a limousine.  Inside, a somewhat unusual wish for kids helped out by the Make-a –Wish Foundation.  Many seek trips to Disney, but Alexis’ love is in the kitchen.

“She could have gone anywhere, could have met anyone and could have had anything, but her eyes just lit up when she talked about her love of baking,” Kara Conwell told us.

The simple act of baking cookies is something of a miracle for Alexis.

She has suffered a pair of bouts with neuromyelitis optica, or NMO, a disease where a person is attacked by their own immune system.  Alexis couldn’t walk, talk, or even swallow.

“I was in the hospital for more than a year.  And it’s been hard getting around and stuff,” she said of her illness.

She’s now getting treatment that should keep the illness at bay, and she pushed back, learning how to walk and speak again.  It’s a blessing for her mother.

“She didn’t think she was ever gonna be normal.  Like I told her.  God is a miracle worker.  You’re gonna be okay” Tina Bailey said.

And Sunday her mother watched as Alexis joyfully worked through kitchen chores many would consider mundane.  To her, they’re miraculous.

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