Strong Winds Strike Dupo Neighborhood

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DUPO, IL (KTVI) – Heavy rain and strong winds struck the north end of Dupo Saturday afternoon damaging out buildings, garages and roofs.  Residents describe intense rain and powerful wind that tore off tree limbs and buckled some garage doors.

The storm damaged homes in the Bluffview Manor subdivision and a neighborhood along Tommy and Thielemann Drives just west of I-255.

Newell Thielemann, a resident in his 80s, watched the storm from a bedroom window.  "I thought it was going to blow the house away.  It hailed so hard and rained so hard it sounded like everything was hitting the house," he said.

His granddaughter, Heather Coleman, felt her trailer nearby move on its foundation.  "My dad opened the door. As soon as he opened the door and looked outside he seen the top of the roof fly off to our garage."

Thielemann and many of his neighbors do not have basements where they can seek shelter from a storm.   "My little dog was scared to death cause lightning and thunder was cracking too," Thielemann said.

Dupo's Assistant Fire Chief Christopher Kuni reported no major structural damage to homes.  There were no injuries.

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