Mendte: U.S. to send Syrian Rebels Military Aid

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) - Do you feel that?

The stiff winds of the cold war have started blowing once again.

The winds picked up when President Obama made the decision to step up military support of the rebels in Syria.

The move was prompted by confirmation that government troops have been using chemical weapons against its own people.  As President Obama puts it a red line has been crossed.

It was the right move to make; I think he should have done this months ago.  

93,000 rebels and citizens have been killed in Syria.

150 have been killed by chemical weapons.

It was still a move that took some political courage because most Americans are against intervention.  As long as we just send equipment and no troops, war weary Americans should be reluctantly accepting.

Then there is Russia, they are sending arms and equipment to the Syrian government, their ally and our enemy.

There was a time when this was the case all over the world, in Vietnam, the Congo, Central America and countless other conflicts around the globe from 1947-199.

We would arm one side and then the Soviet Union would arm the other.

And then the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia has been dealing with internal problems ever since.

For two decades the Cold War was thought to be a bygone historical event.

And now here we are again, the U.S. versus Russia.

Let’s hope this is a footnote and not the beginning of the Cold War II.