Sales for encryption soaring for Mobile Phones

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(FOX NEWS) – The NSA's surveillance programs are raising new questions about personal privacy.  Now, many Americans are looking for new ways to protect themselves.

Fox News correspondent David Lee Miller has the latest apps that can help combat against the NSA.

Sales of online apps to encrypt cell calls are soaring.

For as little as a few dollars a month there are now at least half a dozen companies such as Silent Circle and Seecrypt selling apps, making it difficult if not impossible for the government or anyone else to monitor your private communication.

The contents of the call are scrambled using downloadable proprietary software. Both the sending and the receiving smartphone need the app for the call to remain secure.

Janke says: "The encryption and service we run literally it would take, and this is under the government’s own data, it would take all of the worlds super computers put together 44 years to break the encryption of 1 message."

Most of the encryption apps destroy all communications data. Billing information is one of the few things on file. But even that might be difficult for law enforcement to obtain. Two of the companies contacted said they purposely based outside the U.S.

Harvey Boulter says: "All of our developers are based in South Africa so we aren't subject to laws of USA or Patriot Act, but we do have an interest to make sure our app is properly used."

While the use of encryption apps might be an obstacle for us law enforcement there is still the chance big brother is listening by leapfrogging the encryption.

Matthew Green says: "I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that the FBI and intel agencies have a lot of capabilities to hack into computer systems, and they can use that ability right now to eavesdrop on people even if they are using encryption."

In addition to phone calls some of the apps also work with texting, emails and videoconferencing.