Storm victim gets help, after being Ripped Off by Roofers

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO. (KPLR) - A Maryland Heights man got a startling wake-up call.  A man fell through the roof and into his bedroom Saturday morning.

The man who fell was part of a volunteer group rallying behind the storm victim who had been ripped off on roof repairs.

Incredibly, after the fall, the man got up and went right back to work.

The roof job was 'on the house' and actually ended up ‘in the house'.

'It`s amazing.  It really is,' beamed home owner, Jim Ohl, 80 his roof suffered extensive hail damage in May 2012.

The now defunct, All Season`s Contracting, falsely boasted endorsements from the Better Business Burea and Angie`s List, worked with Ohl`s insurance company, and got a hefty deposit for repairs.

'A total of $4,713.30,' Ohl said.

All Seasons never came to do the job.

Kevin Bahr, of Boone Valley roofing and about a dozen volunteers from Ohl`s church,
St. Charles First Assembly of God did come.

They put on a new roof - and more; painting the shutters and whatever else needed to be done.
Mark schuchmann/church voluntter:

'It`s what Christ would do for you.  That`s what we`re supposed to be about,' said church member Mark Schuchmann, who organized the effort.

'I love them.  I appreciate them.  We share love for one another.  We not only say we love one another, we prove it by our deeds,' Ohl said.

You might consider this labor of love, miracle enough.

But there was more.  The roof was really bad.  One of the volunteers hit a weak spot and fell right into Jim Ohl`s bedroom.  Jim was in bed; what a wake-up call!

'I went down through the roof, through the drywall and into Jim`s bedroom,' laughed church member, Chris Owens.  'He was in bed...with the covers on him.  I landed on the floor right next to him.  I woke him up.  I was his alarm today.'

Thankfully, he landed in a tiny space between Ohl, who`s recovering from surgery, and Ohl`s dresser.

Owens went back to the roof; back to work.

No one was hurt on a blessed day for a man who`s endured more than the loss of a roof.

Ohl`s son-in-law, Scott Edward Brown, is serving life in prison for strangling Ohl`s daughter, Rebecca Brown, in St. Charles, more than 20 years ago; Ohl said he`d found true wealth came only through forgiveness.

'Harboring anger is more damage to you than the one you`re angry with,' Ohl said.

It was the opposite of anger that fixed his roof.

Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster, has filed suit against All Seasons Contracting, seeking full restitution for at least six victims.  He accuses the company of taking at least $37,000 dollars from the victims without doing repairs.

Koster urges any other victims to come forward.

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