What’s The Perfect Pool Water Temperature?

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HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- There's no definitive answer but plenty of opinions on just exactly what is the perfect pool water temperature.

Hazelwood recreation supervisor Jake Junghanel weighed in on what he believes visitors to the Hazelwood Aquatic Center prefer.

"We like to keep it anywhere between 79 and 85 degrees," said Junghanel.

The water temperature on Wednesday in Hazelwood was 83 degrees.

Junghanel says the city adds fresh water to keep the water from getting too hot.

The pool manager for the Shaw Park Aquatic Center in Clayton started taking steps to cool down the water on Tuesday.

Cathy Wietfeldt says the water is pumped into the air at night to cool it off a bit.

"We want to keep that water temperature where the patrons like it to be," she explained.

The pumping started Tuesday night after air temperatures soared into the 90's.

She says lap swimmers prefer cooler water.  A sign is posted with daily water temperature updates for visitors to see.

"It's pretty important to the people that come in," said Wietfeldt.

Area pool business got off to a shaky start this year because of cooler weather.  Now will be the time for pools to make up for that slow start.