Mendte: Government Scandals

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) - Larry Mendte runs down the other scandals the white house is dealing with.

Another day another scandal for the Obama administration.

Let`s count them up shall we.

There is the Benghazi cover-up.

The IRS scandal - where conservative groups were targeted for special harassment.

The AP scandal - where the justice department used an obscure espionage act from 1917 to spy on AP and Fox News reporters.

The NSA scandal - where the government decided to spy on us all without cause or provocation.

And now the state department scandal - where investigators were told to look the other way after staffers did drugs, hired prostitutes and committed crimes.

Five current scandals being investigated, doesn`t that seem strange that all of the sudden there is a scandal a week and they have all in part been disclosed by leaks?  Did you ever stop to ask why?

It`s too easy to say its republicans trying to weaken the president - remember they agree with the president on the NSA surveillance.

So who?

Once a prominent us congressman told me that the real power in Washington is controlled by life long mid level bureaucrats and agents  in the CIA and FBI and NSA who accumulate and keep the most powerful resource in government – information.

Politicians come and go - but in the shadows hides the real power.

When President Obama was elected George Bush is quoted as saying don`t worry once he sits in the oval office he`ll find out his hands are tied.

The most powerful man in the free world`s hands are tied?  By whom?

Find the answer to that question and you may find the source of the leak a week and more importantly why it seems that no matter who sits in that chair -things seem to stay pretty much the same.