Mass. Senate Ad Evokes Killing Old People, Toilet Seats

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(CNN) — It’s not every day a candidate manages to include toilet seats and Congress into the same ad.

But that’s what Massachusetts Senate hopeful Gabriel Gomez is doing in a sarcasm-filled, 30-second ad meant to mock attacks from his Democratic rival Rep. Ed Markey.

“Gabriel Gomez is a very bad man,” an announcer says in the ad. “He kills old people. He hates women. He even leaves the toilet seat up.”

Markey, of course, hasn’t levied those specific claims against Gomez in their battle for U.S. Senate, though the race has been marked by nastiness from both sides. Markey has cast his rival as an extreme right-wing Republican, hoping to turn off moderate voters in the Bay State.

Gomez called Markey “pond scum” for airing an ad that pictured the Republican candidate alongside Osama bin Laden, though Gomez told CNN in an interview this week he regretted that remark.

In the new ad, the announcer calls Markey’s attacks “ridiculous.”

“Congressman Markey must think we’re stupid,” the announcer says. “Markey is everything that’s wrong with Congress: 37 years of pay raises, bounced checks, taking millions from people he regulates. It’s about trust. If you like Congress, Ed Markey is your guy. But if you want an independent thinker try Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez.”

The campaign said the ad would begin airing Thursday.

Gomez and Markey, who met for their second debate Tuesday night, are running for the U.S. Senate seat previously held by John Kerry, who left earlier this year to become secretary of state. Voters will choose a new senator June 25.

CNN National Political Correspondent Jim Acosta contributed to this report.

By Kevin Liptak

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