Google Interns Make Big Bucks

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(CNN) – An internship used to mean getting coffee and doing mundane chores for little to no pay at all. But as Alison Kosik explains, some companies, like Google, pay their interns more than what many full time workers make in a year.

An internship at google has always been a coveted spot intellectually.

But it’s worth a lot financially too.

According to job rating website glass door, interns there earn $58-hundred a month, on average with some making as much as $67-hundred.

Long before the new movie “the internship” glorified it, students were scrambling over themselves to land a spot at the search giant with positions ranging from ad sales and marketing – to software engineers.

Interns are expected to commit to at least 3 months of full time work which means most of them will have earned around $20-thousand by the time their stint is over.

In today’s job market, landing an internship that pays at all is often hard to come by.
Let alone one at the company “fortune magazine” voted ‘best to work for.

But experts say it should come as no surprise that google interns earn so much with tech companies waging hiring wars to recruit the best possible talent.

But the good pay doesn’t come easy.

Even though interns rate google a top company to work for, they also say the company’s interview process is the toughest.

Google managers have been known to ask such mind-bending questions as, “how many times a day do a clock’s hands overlap?” and “explain a database in three sentences, to a child.”

I’m Alison Kosik in New York.