Study: Men Mature 11 Years After Women

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(KTVI) – If you’re a 32-year-old woman wondering when your man is going to grow up — just wait another 11 years.

That’s right, ladies. What we’ve known for years is now been proven in a study out of the U.K.

The study, which included both sexes, found men mature about 11 years after women.  In the survey, both men and women cited that men mature in their early 40s while women tend to reach maturity around age 32.

Twenty-five percent of women surveyed said they had to make the important decisions in their relationships  while the same percentage said they wished their partner would talk more about their feelings.

According to the website, the study found about 30 maturity failings by men as experienced by women.  The list includes playing video games, not being able to cook a simple meal, finding their own bodily functions hilarious, having their mother cook for them.