Local Resale Shop Now A Reality Show

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI)  - It's a bee hive of activity at the Women's Closet Exchange, and that's good for the woman who calls herself the queen of resale. Sue McCarthy and her two daughters run the highly respected resale shop in South County. For the past 25 years they've been in the resale business, six of those at this location off Gravois.

"We look at 1,000 items a day, every day," says McCarthy.  "From those thousand we select about 400-500 that actually make it to our sales floor."

Their success as one of the top resale stores in the country caught the attention of the Style Network.
Soon they are getting their very own reality show called "Resale Royalty." The fashion minded family tries to find designer brands at affordable prices for a country that's a little more cash conscious since 2008.

"We know what sells and we're priced to sell," adds Ford.  "So we have a very quick turnover because we don't let Jimmy Choo or Manolo Balnick sit on the shelf way over priced.  We price them to sell."

Audiences are sold on the show, even varying their vacations to see what the Women's Closet Exchange is all about.

"We had a gentleman in Saturday and he said, My wife and I are from Atlanta and we're going to Mount Rushmore and then she said, On the way back we will stop by Women's Closet Exchange.  It's right on the way," says McCarthy.

That's what happens when you create a product with a little buzz.

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