Tuesday One Of The Hottest Days This Year

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(KTVI) - Tuesday was one of the hottest days so far this year.  Lots of people were working in the intense heat.

Crews were power washing in West Alton, getting rid of the mud that flood waters carried in across the area. Worker Ned Hughes said he didn`t mind the heat. "I love it, rather have it hot than cold. I did cold weather training in the Marines in Korea, 36 degrees below zero I never want to be cold again," he said.

Nearby employees at Captain Jim`s Fireworks are moving back in after moving the fireworks to higher ground more than a week ago to avoid the flood.  The business is open again but they lost 8 days at a critical time of the year. They`re hopeful and grateful for Tuesday`s weather they know it can be so much worse.  Erika Meyers is co-owner of the business, "The heat doesn`t bother us. Last year it was over 100 for I can`t remember how many days long so this is mild compared to last year."

The toasty temperature made a big splash at Raging Rivers Water Park in Grafton.  The Mississippi moved out of its banks and closed the place for ten days.   Now, the weather is perfect for enjoying the refreshing water.  Park owner Donna Smith said, "We really found 80 degrees is our bench mark. We like for it to be above 80 degrees and the water fairly warm and when it gets to be 98 on up it begins to be too hot here at the park."

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