Ellisville Mayor Leads City Council Meeting After Booted From Office

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ELLISVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- It was a triumphant return to a standing ovation for the Ellisville Mayor, Adam Paul, Tuesday night

A couple of months  after he was booted from office, he was back in his seat, leading an Ellisville City Council meeting.

His troubles may still be far from over.

A day after a judge granted a stay of Paul's removal pending a complete review of the troubled impeachment process, Paul was back on the back job.

On his way into the meeting, he hugged his mother who`d come from her home in Springfield, Illinois, to be there.

Before he again appeared before the people as mayor he  and the council spent about 45 minutes in a closed executive session to discuss legal issues.

He emerged to a standing ovation from the crowd in a packed council chambers.
He said it nearly had him in tears.

Then he struck the gavel.  He was mayor once more.

"There`s tough feelings. The emotional physical damage that`s been leveled against me is non-reparable," Paul said.  "But I`ve got a duty to the residents of Ellisville to maintain decorum and professionalism."

The Ellisville City Council removed him from office just before the April election.
Opponents cited 'abuse of power' for things like giving illegal orders to city workers.
Two new Paul supporters were elected the next day.

Paul, himself, was elected in a landslide largely for his opposition to tax-increment-financing (TIF) for a new WalMart.

Ironically, the issue came up again in Paul`s first meeting in his return.

Jane Dueker, an attorney for opponents to the WalMart deal, called for the council to kill the plan, because of a missed deadline for acquiring the property.

"We would ask that the city exercise its discretion under the redevelopment agreement to terminate," she said, the crowd erupting in applause.

Paul chose not to take up the issue with the council but said the WalMart battle was hardly 'finished business'.

"I`m not giving up on WalMart until the doors are open. That was the campaign message I ran on, that was the platform. It would be criminal if I went back on my word," he said.
But it seemed to a battle left for another day.

Even with his fiercest opponents on the hottest issues, there were no fireworks.

"Adam came in tonight and brought his a game; conducted himself as an utmost professional, like I knew he was capable of doing. I think we had a very smooth and very productive meeting tonight," said Council Member, Matt Pirrello, a leader in the effort to impeach Paul

"Right now my main concern is dragging the city of Ellisville`s name out of the mud," Paul said.

The judge was to take up the latest motion in the case to remove him from office, on Friday.

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