Netherlands UFO Captured In HDR Photo

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Image courtesy of Elyktra Photo Art

Image courtesy of Elyktra Photo Art

Image courtesy of Elyktra Photo Art

(KPLR) A photographer captured something unexpected when she snapped a picture of a medieval castle in the Netherlands. Corinne Federer was on a trip to see her mom when she decided to take a HDR photo of a beautiful landscape.

A missile-like object can be seen in the upper right hand of one of the photos she took. It appears to be shooting through the sky with some very pronounced tail wings.  She says that there were no aircraft in the area when she took the photo.

“There were no aircraft present, no vapor trails as you can see in the subsequent images.  It is definitely not a bird and I’ve mostly rule out any insect based on the apparent distance from my position in the image.  Here’s where it gets more interesting.  In the +1 shot, you can see it again…coming from the opposite direction!!  It appears to have turned around.  It seems to be traveling in the direction where the two fins are as you can see some sore of trail coming off from left to right.” said Federer.

She was shooting HDR photos.  The images are captured at 1/250th of a second.  So what ever the object was it was moving faster than the human eye can process.

“In this case it was 5 exposures.  All five shots were taken within 1 second and the shutter speed on the images in question is 1/250 of a second.  This means something would have to be moving very fast to be blurred in the scene.” said Federer.

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