Jerry Lawler Says Superman Inspired Him To Wrestle

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METROPOLIS, IL.  (KTVI) – If you take a day trip to Metropolis, Illinois you'll find a 15 foot tall statue of a man who stands for a few things. When he's not breaking down doors to catch bad guys, he's opening them for others.

"That's how I got my foot in the door to meet some wrestlers and trained and started in the business," says WWE wrestling legend Jerry 'The King' Lawler. "So I really look at everything I've done and where I am today would not have happened if I hadn't started drawing Superman when I was a five year old kid."

But does the man of steel still have meaning for five year old kids?

"Would you like to be Superman?" asks Patrick Clark.
"Yes," says five year old Joseph Hackett.
"What would you do?" asks Clark.
"Fight bad guys," says Hackett.

" think just wearing the shield on your chest inspires you to act out like superman," says Toronto native David Gibb who makes the annual trek. "It allows you to be giving and forthcoming and helpful and honest and discover the Superman within."

D.C. Comics is hoping their iconic Kryptonian celebrating 75 years is still considered America's super hero.

But what do you get someone for their dodracentennial?

'I don't know, low crime rate maybe,' laughs Christine Brown in town with her family from Gulf Shores Alabama.  'Maybe less work for him to do.'

'A hug,' says Devon Baird dressed as Batgirl.  'They probably already have everything they want.'

'Oh I think at that age you can get him anything he wants,' says John Gleckler.
'How about a vacation?' asks his wife Dionne?
'Oh yeah, 75 years of saving the world, he needs a vacation, adds John.'

Or, maybe, a souvenir t-shirt?

'I've got a pretty extensive collection," adds Lawler.  "As far as shirts go, just one entire closet is just Superman shirts."

"They sell them on the internet but it's not going to fit and hang the same way on your body if you don't come to the city of Metropolis and actually wear it right here up and down this street," boasts Mayor McDaniel.

What a street it is, at the crossroads of...

"Truth, justice and the American Way,' says longtime Superman fan Larry Walker.  'All that good stuff."

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