Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul Reinstated by Judge

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ELLISVILLE, MO (KTVI) - The mayor of Ellisville is back on the job after being impeached two months ago.  A judge ordered that Adam Paul should be re-instated.

Judge David Lee Vincent III said that Adam Paul may have not received a fair shake when he was impeached by the city council in April.

See the full Stay Order and Judgement here

Just before the hearing began on April 1st the city issued a new charge against Paul but did not give him a chance to prepare a response to that new charge. Ultimately the council kicked him out of office.

The judge ruled the city possibly denied the mayor due process. This is a temporary stay until the judge makes a final decision. Or it could all go away if the disagreement could be worked out between Paul and others involved.

Adam Paul was overjoyed by the court order, "I`m ecstatic, I`m elated you can imagine the last four months of my life have been a lot of no`s and a lot of unfair treatment."

Attorney Chet Pleban added, "We are totally optimistic the court will come to the same conclusion at the end of the day that he has entered today."

City officials were contacted but they have not responded to a request for a comment.  Pleban said the city of Ellisvlle has spent about $100,000 on this case.

Pleban said he and Paul are willing to work something out if it is reasonable.  There is a special council meeting called for Tuesday at 5:30. Mayor Adam Paul plans to be there and be in charge.

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