Washington University Scientist Named “Hottest Researcher”

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – A St. Louis man tops the list of Thomson Reuters hottest researchers of 2012. Washington University’s Dr. Richard K. Wilson is at the top of the list. The news organization ranks researchers by the number of citations from papers that were used in non-review publications in the last year. They compiled their list from article publication counts and citation data from the Web of Science®.

Genomics was a hot topic in 2012. The field of study includes efforts to sequence the entire DNA sequence of organisms and genetic mapping. The report sites Washington University as a Hotbed for Genomics Research. Four of the 21 hottest researchers are from Washington University in the field of genomics.

This year a landmark paper was published, “A Map of Human Genome Variation from Population-Scale Sequencing.” Dr. Richard K. Wilson and three of the other featured researchers contributed to this research. The paper now ranks among biology’s most-cited papers.

Other hot topics in the field of research include papers on the BRCA Gene Identification that Led to Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy, efforts to develop energy from solar cells and the hunt for the Higgs Boson particle.

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