Mendte: Colorado Movie Theater Shooter James Holmes Plea

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) - So here is a news flash, this guy is insane.

That`s James Holmes, better known to the world as the guy who planned an attack on a theater in Aurora, Colorado for the premier of a “Batman” movie.

Indiscriminately shooting men, women and children.

He also rigged his apartment with explosives hoping to kill his neighbors and police when they came to his door.

If you are wondering what he has been doing since killing 12 people and wounding 58, he`s been trying to make certain that he isn`t killed through a series of legal maneuvers.

And today a judge, who really didn`t have much of a choice in the matter, accepted his plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

That triggers a long mental investigation to determine if Holmes was crazy at the time of the shootings.

Let me remind you of what he looked like at the time of the shooting, he was Ronald McDonalds bonkers alright.

The question is can he determine right from wrong and could he at the time of the shooting.

There were many at his first court appearance who thought this whole staring into space look was an act, because he was planning this insanity defense even then.

I think it goes back further that, I think the red dyed hair was part of the plan too; a plan he devised before the shooting, this allegedly crazy man methodically planned everything to the tiniest detail.

And if he gets his way and is sent to a mental hospital - he could get out one day - it is doubtful - but if he is determined to no longer be a threat - it is possible

James Holmes is getting exactly what he wants and the people of Colorado who have suffered enough are paying the bill for this multi-million dollar deadly charade

And that is what is truly insane.

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