10-Year-Old Credited With Stopping Home Invasion

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NEW YORK, NY. (CNN) – A 10-year-old is being credited with stopping a home invasion.

New York police say two armed men forced their way into a home but were frightened away by the child.

Don Champion explains how the boy turned the tables on the suspects.

“You can’t trust no one.”

Hours later- Golding Lindo- is left shaken by what happened next door to his own home.

Beyond the door here- investigators say two armed men busted in, demanding money Monday night.

Lindo’s wife- may have heard it all happen.

“She said she heard rumbling and jumping down and she upstairs and she alone.”

“I didn’t take it as nothing- didn’t take it as nothing when I heard the sound.”

Investigators say after the two robbers told two teen girls to get on the floor- one of the men went upstairs where he ran into a woman.

Moments later- the woman managed to close the man’s arm in a door- causing his gun to drop to the ground.

That’s when officers say a 10-year-old boy jumped into action picking up the gun and firing a shot- causing the two would-be robbers to run away.

Golding Lindo, Neighbor:  “What he did was brave of him to defend his family and I think its sad cause this neighborhood is a quiet neighborhood.”

Victims were questioned overnight… Mid morning someone brought out a statement saying quote, “Many of the victims are minors and are all traumatized on what occurred yesterday. We just want to continue with our daily routines…”

Neighbors agree- but say they’ll be going about them a little differently.

Andre Souffrance, Neighbor:  “Everybody who lives here- never think something like that could happen so now we have to watch out for what’s going on.”

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