Child Reunited With Mother After Statewide Amber Alert

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Update:   The father of Lu'Vell Maurice Dukes, Von Harrell, Jr. has been charged with parental kidnapping.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A statewide Ambert Alert has just been canceled for missing 8-year-old Lu’Vell Maurice Dukes. He was last seen Thursday with his father, Von Harrell Jr. Police found the boy and his father in the city of St. Louis. The father, Von Harrell Jr. has been arrested.  Lu’Vell Maurice Dukes is being taken by authorities to see his mother.

Harrell went to Bel Nor Elementary Thursday at 2:16pm and picked up Lu’Vell from class. He was armed with a recently (Wednesday) received paternity test document proving he is the child’s father. According to police, Harrell has been argumentative and difficult in dealing with the child’s custody. He had made previous statements to the mother about violence against Lu’Vell if he was not granted custody of the child. Harrell showed up at the school and took the child. School officials released Lu’Vell because the birth certificate information showed Harrell as the father. Harrell told school officials he would bring Lu’Vell back to school today. The child did not return today.

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