Circus Flora Opens With, “A Trip To The Moon”

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Circus Flora is set for their opening night of their new show in Grand Center. It's called, "A Trip To The Moon" based on the 1902 Georges Melies film.

This is the 27th production for the St. Louis based circus that will feature animals and acrobats like the Flying Wallendas and the flying Pages.  they're an all female flying ensemble never before seen in St. Louis. But it's mother nature that the circus will be keeping on eye on for opening night.

founded in 1987 here in St. Louis, Circus Flora has been raising the big top for their one ring circus here in grand center for awhile now. That big top is something that they take very seriously. You might remember last year a man was killed when a fast moving storm ripped a beer tent at Kilroy's Sports Bar near Busch Stadium. The city has strict rules when it comes to tents, they have to withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour. That's why officials here with Circus Flora take every precaution when it comes to mother nature.

"It passes all the codes of the city and it got much stricter after a beer tent in the city where a man got killed.  The city got tough about it and I'm glad cause this is not a party tent.  This is a big time made to stand serious weather." said Circus Flora Founder Ivor Balding.

This is a serious tent, that can hold more than 1,400 people. Circus Flora has tent masters on staff that maintain and check their tent before and after their performances, like Friday's "Trip To The Moon."

Not only are there Flying Wallendas in this show but also flying goats. It's a magical mystical performance that you have to see to believe.