Teen Girls Drag Race For Class

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ST LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Gateway Motor Sports Park in Madison Illinois sponsors high school bracket racing every Wednesday night. Bracket racing is a combination of reaction time and elapsed time

Under the watchful eye of high school coordinator Paul Hagen teens are able to race safely and securely.

“So we race other high school kids, their all on an even playing field. Start them out teach them all the same. There some of the kids they could race with the professionals already, there good!” said Paul Hagen.

Jennifer Harris has model good looks and the personality to match, but she doesen’t race for attention. "My sister did it, my two older brothers, my oldest brother was track champion twice so…and my grandma! My dad my grandma. I’m not doing it for attention or anything like that, I’m doing it cause I like to do it."

For 16 year old Shawn it was just part of growing up.

“I’ve been lovin' racing every since I was a little kid, my family does it and it’s something I've always been interested In. You learn when to launch your car, you learn everything about tire pressure and dial ins and everything." said Shaun.

“This is a NHRA sanctioned , We do a test and tune with the kids, and they get some practice runs and then we’ll do actual eliminations and they’ll put a dial in on their car have the staggered start. And see who ends up winning." said Paul Hagen.

Well, on this night the winner was not your typical drag racer.

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