Jacology – Betting The Odds With Children’s Lives

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Life is all about playing the odds. You drive a car, figuring you won't be one of the 32,000 killed each year on the roads. You get married, betting your marriage won't be among those ending in divorce. You have kids, hoping each time they won't be among the three percent who have birth defects.

When it comes to tornadoes, schools, our kids we do the same thing. We play the odds. Moore, Oklahoma has no public tornadfo shelters because the city estimated there's only a one to two percent chasnce of a direct hit by a mega-tornado. BuT Moore's been hit by three of them in the past 145 years. Maybe it's time to re-think  those odds and build public shelters.

The school that was devastated in moore did not have a tornado shelter for its students because the school says a shelter would have cost around 1.4 million. With ten kids dead, that means the life of a child in moore can be calculated at $140,000.

In the St. Louis metro area, not one school has a tornado shelter in it. Some of the older school buildings have basements below ground, which is great. But the newer ones are built on concrete slabs with no shelters. Above ground reinforced shelters with metal doors built to FEMA standards costs $500   for each person protected. So a shelter for 400 kids costs $200,000.

We've decided we don't want to spend the money to put tornado shelters in our schools. We're betting our kids schools won't take a direct hit from a big one. We're betting, using their lives as chips.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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