Going Up? Illinois Could Increase Speed Limit

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COLLINSVILLE, IL (KTVI) – The speed limit on Illinois highways could be going up under a bill now on its way to governor Pat Quinn.

But the change might not impact two major Metro East counties.

The bill has now passed both the Illinois House and Senate after clearing the house Wednesday by a wide margin of 85-30.

However, not everyone supports the move. Groups including the Illinois State Police oppose the increase.

The legislation would raise the speed limit on Illinois interstates to 70 miles per hour. The current maximum speed limit is 65.

St. Clair, Madison, Cook and other Chicago area counties could opt out of the increase and keep a lower speed limit because they have more traffic congestion.

Supporters say the bill would bring Illinois’ speed limit more in line with other states and would allow companies to move goods more quickly.

But opponents worry about safety, saying a higher speed limit could lead to more fatal crashes.

The measure passed the Illinois Senate back in April.

Governor Quinn’s spokesperson says he does have safety concerns about the bill, but will review it.

The governor’s transportation department opposes it.

If Quinn signs the bill, the change would take effect in January.

If he vetoes it, lawmakers may have enough votes to override him.

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