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Mendte – Second Term Blues

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - To paraphrase a song, there ain't no cure for the second term blues. Four months into his second term in office and President Obama
has not one but three scandals on his desk. Because we are in the moment you might think this is unprecedented. It's not, every modern President has
been hit with scandal in his second term.

George Bush has the handling of Katrina and the disappearing WMD'S in Iraq. Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky and impeachment. Ronald Reagan had Iran Contra. Nixon had Watergate. Eisenhower lied about a spy plane over Russia. You have to go all the way back to FDR'S second term in the 1930's to find a scandal free second term.

But here is the good news for President Obama, the taint of scandal for most washes away with history. Eisenhower and Reagan are loved; Bill Clinton is more popular than ever and even George Bush is doing better and better in the polls.  Since none of the current scandals trace back to the presidency, Obama's legacy, at least for now, is securely intact.

But that's doesn't mean there is not a cost.  Presidents have 16 months to get things done before the election cycles kick in.

The republicans are crippling the administration making the President a lame duck before his time. Gun control, the implementation of Obama Care and Immigration Reform are all off the table as the President deals with Benghazi, the IRS and snooping on reporters. In politics, when you are on the defense you are losing.

That's not to say there aren't some real issues investigated, there are. But there is a strategy behind scandals. Republicans are successfully making certain the President gets nothing done and at the same time they excite the republican voters for the midterm elections when they hope to retake the senate.

So, as you watch these scandals unfold, realize that there is always a political agenda.  Republicans are using a playbook that dates back over 50 years.  That's why there ain't no cure for the second term blues.


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