Local Group Honors Injured Officer In Special Way

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)-- On Wednesday, 70 volunteers gathered inside of Cannolli's restaurant in Florssisant.  Friends gathered in an effort to honor injured officer Mike Vernon.

Community members wanted to make his life more comfortable. Vernon was shot and suffered a spinal injury in the line of duty last May. Vernon says he is grateful for the community support.

"I'm better mentally and physically than I was a year ago, it`s still a daily battle. The support that I had from the community my family and wife it makes it that much easier," said Vernon.

Volunteers with St. Ferndinand Athletics Association helped put together a basketball tournament and barbecue to raise money for Vernon's family. It's the 3rd year of the event and has been the most successful. Six weeks and 50 games later Vernon was given a$15,000 check. Event organizers Joe Engel and Michael Feldman say they want to help those who give so much to the community.

"Today is National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Day and sometimes we take the police for granted.  These men and women really are out there every day 24-hours a day 7 days a week," said Engel.

"Actually last may right after our tournament was over Officer Vernon got injured in the line of duty and we said we should do something for Mike Vernon," said Feldman.

Officer Vernon says he's thankful for his life and wants to get out of his chair and help others do the same.

"I want to try to become a voice now for those who can`t leave the house and are stuck wheelchairs those injured in the line of duty who haven't had the benefit of having help from the community," Vernon said.

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