Ellisville City Council Votes Not To Reinstate Impeached Mayor

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ELLISVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- What could have been an end to the Ellisville impeachment saga Wednesday night,  instead set the stage for a lengthy, expensive, court fight.

A vote to reinstate ousted Mayor, Adam Paul, ended in a 3-3 tie.

New Council Member, Cindy Pool drew groans from the crowd, after casting what ended up being the deciding "no" vote.  Under the rules, Paul needed a majority, at least  4-2, to be get his job back.  The very popular, former mayor, was elected in a landslide, based largely on his opposition to tax increment financing support for a new Walmart.

His fellow council members impeached him for what they called abuse of power:  mistreating fellow city workers and releasing confidential information.

They voted to remove him from office last month, just before 3 new council members were elected.
So, those new members weighed in on the issue Wednesday night.

"We`ve done everything we can to put this thing to bed. Unfortunately tonight, we missed by one vote. Now we`re going to have to continue this fight in court," Paul said after the vote.

He blasted Pool for what said he was ignoring the wishes of her constituents.

"I wasn`t here then (during the impeachment process)," Pool said. "I wasn`t in this seat. I didn`t make the decisions. I didn`t witness most of the allegations. So for me to be voting on this, I could have abstained."

Had she abstained, Paul would have been reinstated.

Paul has two law-suits pending against Ellisville and city leaders, seeking his job back, plus monetary damages.  Paul's attorney, Chet Pleban, said he'd ask a judge to "stay" the council's decision next week, and reinstate Paul, until the courts can take up those lawsuits.

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