Cop Cuffed To Lee Harvey Oswald Honored In Texas

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DALLAS, TX (KTVT) - A special honor for one of the most well known faces in the investigation into President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Retired Dallas homicide detective James Leavelle received a police commendation award in a special ceremony Tuesday.

The department's detective of the year award will also be re-named in his honor.

Leavelle was handcuffed to accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald when Jack Ruby shot and killed the suspect in 1963.

The incident was captured in a now infamous photo.

Leavelle, now 92, says there are many other officers who deserved the award including JD Tippit, who was gunned down by Oswald.

"It cost us all. For J.D. Tippit it took his life. And I wouldn't want that to happen again to anyone." said James Leavelle.

Leavelle joined the Dallas police department in 1950 and retired in 1975.

The picture showing him as oswald was murdered became a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph.