City Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. Chases Down Thief

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- It`s a good thing for one young thief that Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. is almost 80 years old or he might have gotten something he wasn`t expecting. A whoopin`.

"It made me very angry when I looked up and he was in my car stealing stuff," said Bosley, who is the longtime alderman from St. Louis` third ward in North St. Louis.

It was about 3:00 A.M. Wednesday when Bosley was awakened by the sound of gunshots near his home in the 1500 Block of Bremen Avenue.

When Bosley went to his bedroom window, he saw a pair of legs sticking out from inside the vintage Oldsmobile parked across the street that his son Brandon has been restoring.

At first, Bosley assumed it was his son in the car, but he quickly realized it was  actually a thief at work.

The 79-year-old ran down the stairs and out the front door, prepared to chase the thief until his wife told him to call the police instead.

"I probably would not have gotten too far because I am too damn old. I probably would have gotten in that truck and tried to run him down."

Brandon Bosley says he actually found his father in his truck ready to after the thief, but talked him out of it.

"We had to get him out of the truck and tell him to calm down and we said we`re going to get him. There is nothing we can do right this second, it`s late at night we would be running through alleys trying to find this man," Brandon Bosley said.

The thief got away with the stereo out of Brandon`s car, and the alderman`s truck because they had left the doors unlocked, thinking their neighborhood was pretty safe since their street is not a through street and because their vehicles were uninviting targets given of their age and how little they had inside.

"I just figured on a closed in street like this he wouldn't have come here period. Nobody over here has any money.  I certainly don`t," Bosley Sr. said. "Working for the city you ain`t got nothing."