Mendte: Targeted By The IRS

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – At the white house correspondent’s dinner, host Conan O’Brien made what seemed to be an innocent joke at the time.

“I’ve made a lot of jokes at the president’s expense and I look forward to my audit”.

Little did we know then that those who dare take on the administration were being targeted by the IRS.

And enemies list, like the one that President Richard Nixon famously kept.

In case you haven`t heard, the IRS has been caught harassing groups who disagree with the president since 2010.

Specifically they targeted any group who used these terms in their description.

Tea Party


Groups against government spending

Government debt

Or taxes

Or if they stated 'they wanted to make America a better place to live'.

Yeah that one got me too.

In short it was any group who is critical of how the government is being run

The IRS has made an apology, but this is not going away, this will be another scandal and there will be another congressional investigation.

And it is warranted, this is the kind of misuse of power that shakes our country to its constitutional core.

But if congress really wanted to take care of this problem, it would scrap our ridiculous 73,954 page tax code for a simpler method and get rid of the IRS.

But that won`t happen because it`s the tax code where congress pays back the big donors with tax exemptions, loopholes and incentives.

That`s the real scandal and both republicans and democrats are guilty.