St. Charles Man Building A Pirate Ship

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ST. CHARLES, MO. (KPLR) – You might say this story is rated Arrrgh, for fun.  'I just wanted to do something different with a boat and said, "Let's build a pirate ship.'' Says
Tim Woodson.  'That was five years ago and here we are six ships later.'

What started as a swashbuckling hobby building pirate ships and giving river cruises has turned into a lucrative business with real pirate booty.

'We recently sold the one we use last year for our cruises to the History Channel,' says Woodson.  'Shelby Singer from the Axe Men bought it.'

His Gypsy Rose four will be featured in a new reality show later this year.

But right Woodson is working on the Gypsy Rose five, and nearby Gypsy Rose six.
'This one is 60 feet by 15 feet wide, 68 feet long and its 30 feet tall,' says Woodson.
A commercial artist for 30 years, Woodson began boat transformations with a little help from his friend Barnacle Bill.

'He'd go down and cut down between the railing and the fiberglass boat,' says co-pirate Bill Burkholder.  'A beautiful perfectly good boat and I would say man this guy is nutty as can be.'

Today Barnacle Bill and Captain Pete were walking the plank, I mean moving some planks for this latest sailing vessel.

It's taken nine months to transform this water transport that once was onboard the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy.

He hopes to have it finished soon.

But in the meantime he'll keep a good eye open for the old Gypsy Rose when it shows up on history channel.

'I thought what a perfect home cause it will be on TV from time to time and I can see how the old girl is doing,' says Woodson.

Hopefully she'll stay in ship shape condition for Captain Tim.

After all, he is a pirate.

'Yeah, it's good to be a pirate,' laughs Woodson.

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