Video: Florida Teacher Fired Over Modeling In Bikini Photos Online

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STUART, FL - A Florida teacher is out of a job after pictures of her modeling sexy lingerie were discovered online. To her students she was Olivia - their English teacher. they had no idea she was also a part time model on the internet posing in sexy swimwear and lingerie.

She knew if the school found out she'd lose her teaching job.

"I knew it was either a matter of time. I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier actually. I started modeling mid-February." said  Victoria James.

She modeled on the internet using the name Victoria James.

She says the photos are revealing but tasteful.

Reporter Al Pefley, "Why is it okay for a teacher to do what you were doing?"

"Because it was a way for me to make ends meet without doing anything I believe to be unethical." said Victoria James.

She told us she can make the same money modeling in one weekend that it takes two weeks to make as a teacher.

Reporter Al Pefley, "What would you say to parents?"

"Everybody has to do what they have to do to make themselves happy. In order, you know, everybody has a choice. I don't live for the Martin County School Board, I live for me." said Victoria James.

Victoria wants to pursue modeling full time and she says she knew she might lose her teaching job at martin county high school if anybody found out that she was modeling in skimpy outfits.

"If I was doing pornography, or I was a webcam girl, or I was taking explicit erotic photographs, yes I think I should be terminated immediately." said Victoria James.

Victoria, a divorced mother of two small children says she was a good teacher and a good role model to her students.

Do you think you could be an effective teacher around high school aged boys and have pictures like that of yourself on the internet?

"You know I'm not sure because I mean they saw me every day in real life. Okay so, I mean my students have seen me at the beach in bathing suits. I still teach them effectively. I've never had a problem with a student." said Victoria James.

Source - CNN