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Phineas’ Fans Await Judge’s Decision For Life Or Death

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The fight to save a condemned Labrador Retriever in Dent County has turned into a global campaign. The city of Salem wants to put down Phineas because the dog bit a 7 year old girl last summer. But, the wound was very minor. The shelter keeping the dog deemed it to be gentle and friendly. Now, the little girl bitten and her family are asking the city to spare the dogs life.

The mayor has received more than 700 emails asking him to save Phineas. Mayor Brown says he has received emails from as far away as Brazil with offers to adopt the dog. The Mayor originally deemed the dog vicious after the 7-year-old was bitten and because of reports of two other bites from the same dog.  But that report was later found to be untrue. The three year old lab has been away from his family for months, moved from a shelter to a now undisclosed location. The lawyer representing the dog's owners says the little girl bitten is now agonizing over the fate of Phineas.

"It's traumatic for her.  She's actually the true hero of this story because she's come over to our side and wants phineas to be saved.  She's still frineds with the little girl whose dog it was and she wants her friend to have her dog back." said Joe Simon.

The Sander's family even says they would not object to the dog being adopted and moved out of Salem if it means saving his life. They've even offered to move the dog to a farm outside Salem. The dog was taken away from them last June.  They are now waiting for a judge's decision to determine if Phineas lives or dies.

The mayor claims he will abide by whatever ruling the judge makes.

If you would like to help save Phineas, there is a petition you can sign.

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