Lionel – Questions About The Police’s Role In Ohio Abductions

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - When you heard the facts of the chamber of horrors story in Cleveland after the arrest and apprehension of the main suspect and his two brothers, quick, how many questions immediately went through your mind? Well, I`ve got a few too with some observations.

First, Miranda saves the day again. Ariel Castro allegedly spoke after having been read Miranda warnings. They don`t limit confessions like the professional right-wing claims. They actually encourage confessions and admissions. Take that into account especially when dealing with Boston bomber types. Then, look how the cops are now trying to divert any blame as to allegations that they didn`t act quickly enough. Note how they say, look we have no record of neighbors calling the cops alleging naked women observed crawling around in the backyard on all fours with dog leashes around their necks. Does that mean it never happened or that they have no record of such? And on that note, how can you explain the fact that police never demanded a thorough search of Castro`s home if these allegations in fact were made. Any court would find quote 'exigent' circumstances to search. But i caution, let`s wait and listen, and ask questions.

Next, as to allegations of Ariel Castro kicking some of the women believed to be at times pregnant in the abdomen in order to induce a miscarriage, this involves Ohio`s fetal homicide laws which includes quote an 'unborn member of the species homo sapiens.' How`s that for creepy language? It`s reminiscent of the case of the Philadelphia abortion provider Kermit Gosnell. You wanna talk about a house of horrors. When is a fetus a person for murder and criminal charges?

Next, it`s reported that the brothers played no role in the kidnapping or rape or captivity. Are we to believe that they had no idea of what was happening over decades? Or could Ariel be protecting his bro`s?

And finally, let me repeat this issue: what information did the Cleveland police have as to reports of women being savaged? You don`t normally hear people complaining, at least today, that the cops were too restrained, too careful, too cautious. And that 911 dispatcher. Did you hear her delivery? I`ve heard car services more impassioned than her. I`m surprised she didn`t give the frantic Amanda Berry a confirmation number. Look, i know there`s no such thing as police malpractice what with statutory immunity and the like, but just ask yourself this question: if any of those three women had been your wife or sister or daughter what would you think of the attention paid to their absence? Think about it and comment.

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