Jaco – Lawmakers Could Care Less About Struggling Mothers

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - As usual, Abraham Lincoln nailed it. He wrote, all I am or all i ever hope to be i owe to my mother. I certainly feel that way. To listen to politicians gush about motherhood and family values it seems they all love mothers too. Unless the mothers are poor, or unless the mothers are struggling, or unless the mothers need help.

That's because programs for mothers and children keep getting cut. In case you hadn't noticed, it's still mothers mostly responsible for raising children.  Because of the automatic federal budget cuts, the sequester, head start funding has been slashed by 400-million dollars. That's a cut of $150,000 for every local head start program. That means tens of thousands of poor mothers will no longer be able to enroll kids in head start's pre-school.

Last year, the overwhelmingly male Missouri legislature cut 14 million dollars from pre-school and child care programs. Which means low-income mothers were squeezed out of child care. Or take the scandals with Missouri day care centers that FOX 2 has constantly covered. Missouri barely regulates day cares at all. Abuses are common. But why regulate something that only benefits the 70 per-cent of moms who work?

Or take the new figures that show babies die before age one in America at a higher rate than in any other developed country. Why? Maybe because the public health system providing pre-natal and newborn care for poor women in this country is near collapse. But, then again they're poor aren't they?

So do a little translation the next time a politicians praises the glories of motherhood and family values. That's affluent motherhood...and upper middle class family values. And for the rest of you? Well, happy mothers day anyway.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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