Jaco – Missouri Lawmakers Are Delusional

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - According to the American Psychiatric Press's textbook of psychiatry, delusions are a symptom of psychosis. The person having them may probably appear normal but has false or absurd beliefs that affect the functioning of everyday life. For example, thinking they're being followed or fearing plots against them. The Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry notes that a delusional psychotic doesn't have hallucinations but lives his or her life based on paranoia and a feeling of persecution.

This goes a long way toward explaining some bills the Missouri general assembly has passed and sent to the Governor. one of them makes it a crime to enforce any federal gun control in Missouri, including the firearms act of 1934. This is a delusional two-fer. number one, the delusion that federal gun laws mean people's guns will be seized. Number two, the delusion that a state can pass a law nullifying federal law.

Another bill sent to the governor forbids the state of Missouri from taking part in something called, Agenda 21. What's that? it's an advisory, non-binding program put together by the United Nations on sustainable development around the world. The delusion here? That any mention of sustainable development by the UN means Missourians may have their private property seized.

Yet another bill outlaws Sharia, strict Islamic law, in Missouri. The delusion here is that Muslims are about to institute their religious law in the Show-Me State and create Saudi Arabia on the Mississippi. Meanwhile, bills about jobs and economic development don't go anywhere.

All of this, of course, is based in fear. Fear of Muslims, fear of the UN, fear of the federal government and its black helicopters. When your fearful fantasies take over you're life, you're delusional. If you're delusional then you might have a career as a Missouri lawmaker.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.