Cleveland Story Brings Hope For Those Missing In St. Louis

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SPANISH LAKE, MO (KTVI)-- There's hope the news from Cleveland of three missing women being found close to home after being missing for nine years or more, may somehow shed light on missing persons cases in the St. Louis area;  cases that go back from fewer than 2 to nearly 25 years.

There`s no giving up on the names and faces St. Louis will never forget.

One of the most recent cases is that of former UMSL student, Pheonix Coldon, 24, of Spanish Lake. She was last seen pulling out of her parents' driveway on Countrybrook Drive, December 18th, 2011. Her 1998 Chevy Blazer was later found running, but empty, in East St. Louis.

Her family and the families of all of those still missing were taking notes on what they were seeing from Cleveland on Tuesday.

The names all came back:  Amanda jones, Christian Ferguson, Gina Dawn Brooks, Bianca Piper, Arlin Henderson, Scott Kleeschulte,  and Heather Kullorn.

"We`re going to find Phoenix," said her mother Goldia, monitoring FaceBook and watching cable news coverage from Cleveland.

That news had brought her renewed hope, determination, and sadness.   She felt she was learning from it, connecting the dots to her daughter, who turns 25 this month.

"These girls were right, within 3 miles of their families? They were right under their nose.  I believe that that may be the case here," she said.  "Phoenix is alive."

She`d also heard at least suspect in the Cleveland case attended multiple vigils for the missing women.

In Pheonix`s case, someone from San Antonio started a FaceBook page under a made-up name, using a rare family photo of Phoenix.

She phoned the person who offered an odd explanation, saying he just wanted a family of his own so badly, he made up the FaceBook identity, randomly choosing Phoenix`s photo from the internet.

Phoenix`s family also received an anonymous letter saying Phoenix was dead.  Oddly, the letter came from San Antonio.

"It only takes 1 person to take that step, that leap of faith, and call me.  Call me, that`s all they`ve got to do," Coldon said.

For instance, the Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby case. The two local boys were found "right under our noses" in Kirkwood in 2007, after someone spotted kidnapper, Michael Devlin`s truck.

Hornbeck had been missing for more than 4 years; Ownby several days. The truck description came after the Ownby abduction. No one suspected Devlin, an Imo`s Pizza cook.

But it was him.  He was keeping the boys right in our midst.

It all made the Cleveland story sound very familiar.

Goldia Coldon said she was willing to negotiate a large reward payable upon Phoenix`s safe return.

If you have any information call the Coldons -- 314-653-6606; St. Louis County Police - 314-615-5400 CrimeStoppers - 866-371-TIPS.

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