Naming Woes Continue Over Mississippi River Bridge

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(KTVI) - Missouri lawmakers approve a bill that would name at least part of the new Mississippi River Bridge after the late great Cardinal Stan Musial.
But whether the entire bridge will be named after Musial still seems unclear.

By an overwhelming vote of 149 to 1, the Missouri House yesterday gave final approval to a bill naming the Missouri part of the bridge the 'Stan Musial Memorial Bridge.'
The Cardinal legend died in January at the age of 92.the bill now goes to Governor Jay Nixon.

The U.S. Senate passed its own legislation in March naming the bridge after Musial.
But Illinois has other ideas.

The Illinois House last week approved legislation naming the new bridge after military veterans... calling it the 'Veterans Memorial Bridge.'

Missouri lawmakers hope Illinois representatives will agree to the Musial name.
A MoDOT spokesperson tells us this morning that the original bridge agreement signed back in 2008 reads that both Missouri and Illinois officials must agree on the bridge`s name.

The Missouri bill passed Monday also names an approach to the new bridge after Andy Gammon.

He`s a 35-year-old construction worker who fell in the river and died last year while helping to build the bridge.