MO Driver’s License Improvements Come With A Price

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -- Missouri regulators hope ghost images and holograms will cut fraud and prevent terrorism.  The technology is part of the new Missouri driver's license.

It's a counter attack to frightening fake I.D.s exposed by FOX Files investigator Chris Hayes, who also found an unexpected problem.

Missouri's new driver's license is thinner and more flexible with a slick design and graphics.  Holograms pop under black light.  Each component makes it more difficult to copy, especially imbedded perforations.

It's so fancy, DMV offices can't make them on location.  They order them from a secret location, so when you go get it, they'll stamp "void" through your old license.  You'll  wait two weeks for your new one and get a paper I.D. as a temporary.

Humphrey's owner John Mangelsdorf said, "It was a huge shock when we started seeing paper."

Mangelsdorf's restaurant/bar is a place known for making sure you're legal.  He said it can be tougher to make sure a paper I.D. is legit.  He says he's seeing a ton of the paper.  He explained it as "incredibly common.  On a given night we'll have at least have 10-20 people with temporary I.D.s because they're, everyone that's turning 21."

A Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman pointed out several security features on the paper, such as temperature sensitive ink with the state seal.  But the temp still appears to open up a big window for someone who wants to make a fake.

Mangelsdorf said, "You've also got to go back to look at what else do they have with them.  If all they have is that piece of paper, that's never a good sign.  Everyone who has a temporary license usually has their credit cards."

A DMV rep told me bar owners aren't the only people caught off guard.  She confirmed getting many panicked calls from bank representatives, asking about the temporary, paper, I.D.

When you bring it to the airport, expect TSA agents to ask you for a second form of I.D.  Agents may also take you through a secondary screening.  That's a good reason for you to keep your voided license until you get your new one in the mail.  It takes about two weeks after you go to the DMV.

Once you get it, you'll have your hands on one of the most cutting edged driver's licenses.  It's one that's already being analyzed by an underground world, looking to create a fake.

Mangelsdorf added, "Someone will always try to copy and try to outsmart the system and I'm sure someone will figure it out, but the steps they have taken are definitely great.  I think it's going to be a much tougher I.D. for anyone to try and be able to fake."

Missouri DMV hopes it'll also be harder to copy since they send the license out, meaning fewer people have their hands on the technology that makes it possible.

You may remember that the FOX Files exposed a Chinese web site that sold nearly flawless fake licenses.  New reports caught the attention of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.  He feared terrorists using the fakes and he worked with the Chinese government to shut down that web site.

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