Labrador To Be Euthanized For Nipping Child

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SALEM, MO (KTVI)-- It's a story catching the attention of animal lovers across Missouri. A dog is deemed vicious after nipping a child and now he could be euthanized for it.

The city of Salem, Missouri has received emails from across the world, from people wanting to save a dog.

He says it's vicious; supporters will pack the council meeting Monday night to try and persuade the city to change its position.

The mayor showed us a photo of what he says is the injury from the dog bite.  He says that coupled with reports that the dog has bitten twice before gives him the authority to deem it vicious and have the dog destroyed.

But hundreds of people have rallied on behalf of the owner.

The family said their goodbyes before Phineas, a Labrador, was taken away.

The victim was bitten while she was in the dog's yard.

The mayor says it doesn't matter where it happened, he considers the dog vicious.

An attorney for the dog owners says the dog has not bitten three times.  He says that information came from a faulty police report.

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