Group Handing Out Free Shotguns In High Crime Areas Of Chicago

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CHICAGO, IL (FOX NEWS) – One gun rights advocacy group says its trying to keep Chicago safe by arming one community at a time. The Armed Citizen Project now plans to hand out free shotguns to residents living in high-crime neighborhoods. They say arming more citizens will make these communities safer but some residents strongly disagree.

“I would say that’s just a gimmick to sell more guns. I think we need to educate our children, teenagers and educate our parents.” said anti-violence activist Andrew Holmes.

“See that’s not going to work more of our people, more of our kids are going to be killed.” (Armed Citizens groups claim if you arm as many people as you can it will make the community safer.) I disagree. I think more of our kids are going to be killed. I think more of our loved ones are going to be killed. No matter how much training you give them, more people are going to die.” said mother of murder victim Tonya Burch.

The Armed Citizen Project says Chicago is the perfect place to test their theory because of the city’s restrictive gun laws.

According to Breitbart News the group has raised enough money to spread


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