Woman’s Face Slashed In Fight Over Man

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI)-- A fight over a man has led to the brutal slashing of a woman’s face by another woman with a box cutter.  Meanwhile the St. Louis County prosecutor is sending the case to St. Charles because the suspect is the daughter of one of their employees.

This all happened Friday night into Saturday morning.  The victim, Amber Jones, says she stepped into a conflict between the suspect and the woman’s boyfriend, who is also a friend of Jones’.  The two women got into a fist fight during that incident.  Police say they have evidence Jones struck the woman with a baseball bat during that fight, though Jones denies the allegation.

Jones says it was about an hour later that the suspect, who we’re not identifying until she’s charged, came to her St. Ann home.

“She kind of just flew up in front of my house and jumped out of the car and I stood up off of my porch and she came at me and we again went at it, and she said to me, ‘I’m gonna cut you,’” Jones said.

That she did.  Using some sort of box cutter the woman went for Jones’ face, slashing once across her cheek, and leaving an enormous gash along her jaw.  There were other lacerations on her face and arm, as well as at least two bite marks.  But Jones says it wasn’t the pain, but the reaction of others that let her know how bad her injuries were.

“They all seen the blood and that’s when they kind of separated us and I went inside and she stayed out here. “  Asked if she knew what was happening, she said, “I had no clue that my face was cut up at all.”

Police were called and the suspect was arrested.  St. Ann Police say she was held for twenty-four hours, the maximum they can keep her under the law without filing charges.  They say the charges will take longer because the medical records are necessary.

As for the fight itself, we asked Jones why she didn’t just go inside and lock the door when the suspect arrived at her house.

“I think because at that point I felt like she was threatening me and testing me,” she said.  “Maybe I should have went back inside but I felt like it was my house and I didn’t have to.”

We attempted to reach the suspect in the case for her side of the story, but those efforts were unsuccessful.

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