St. Louis Woman Pens Book About Her Life And Addiction

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – Christine McDonald's life is an eye opening tale.

'I just want people to see maybe things they haven't seen before,' says Author Christine McDonald.  'Look at prostitution, `Pretty Woman` is not street corner prostitution.'

McDonald knows from her own experience of heading down a path she almost didn't escape.

'Through that drug addiction I developed a thousand dollar a day crack addiction that led me to 17 years of prostitution and homelessness,' says McDonald.

She's been stabbed, beaten and left for dead.
Her mug shots tell the tale of her addiction, 103 arrests and seven trips to prison.

'My epiphany was in prison when the gal was like, 'Are you kidding me you're back?'' says McDonald.

But as McDonald began turning her life around, she became a mother and then something she never expected.

'My little boy's first day of day care he was five weeks old and I dropped him off and I had to go to the hospital and had to have my eyes taken out,' says McDonald.

Despite her blindness, this single mom she became a counselor helping addicts, prostitutes and the homeless.
And that's when she decided to tell others of her journey so far.

'So I tell the stories very narrator like to allow the reader to use their own moral compass to see how these experiences fell,' says McDonald.

McDonald hopes the proceeds from her book, cry purple, can help her buy a small place with a yard for she and her seven year old son.
Though she's lost her sight, she's not lost her determination to turn her world around.

'It's just a whole new perspective of seeing things and people from the inside out without judgment,' says McDonald.

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