Mendte: Gun Background Check May Not Be Dead

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – A gun safety bill got defeated in the senate last month.  The main sticking point was background checks.

Larry Mendte explains why he thinks public opinion will force another vote.

That`s the word of the day

It`s the word Texas senator Ted Cruz used to describe his fellow republicans who compromised on universal background checks for gun purchases.

I told you early in the debate over gun control, that the ban on assault rifles and the ban on heavy bullet magazine would fail; but the background checks had a chance, because most people across the country want it.

The bill has been defeated but I still think it has a chance and Ted Cruz can expect a forecast of increased squishiness across the country from people.

Republican senator Jeff Flake from Arizona, a big gun state voted against background checks and watched his poll numbers drop 15%.

Republican Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, a big gun state voted against the bill and watched her poll numbers plummet.

Why; because people in those states and across the country want background checks and don`t like it when the people who are supposed to represent them, ignore them.

Democrat senator Max Baucus was asked why he voted against background checks and he answered with one word, Montana and yet even in the mountain state 78% of the voters want background checks.

Instead of listening to the people; too many senators listened to the NRA and I’m not one who bashes the NRA; it represents its members well, but the senators Flake, Murkowski and Backus did not.

On the other hand, Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey, one of the squishy ones, helped write the compromise bill on background checks he has seen his popularity soar in the state with more guns per capita than anywhere in the country.

And that`s why I can say with some confidence that the background checks bill will get another vote, because most people including most gun owners want it.

See senator Cruz, what you call squishy, I call a democracy and good or bad in this country  the people eventually get what they want.