Blindfolded Man Plays Chess With 33 People At Once

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)– Imagine playing more than 30 people at one time in chess while you`re blindfolded!

That`s exactly what was happening Tuesday at the St. Louis Chess Club in the Central West End.

Timur Gareev, 25, spent the day wearing a blindfold and competing against 33 people at once in chess games.

Gareev is a Grandmaster, that`s the highest level of chess player.

He`s preparing to play against 64 people at one time while blindfolded this December in Hawaii. That would be a new world`s record.

We talked with Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan about what Gareev is doing.

“‘Playing one game is complicated and difficult. Playing one game without sight of the board, that`s pretty challenging. Playing 33, I`d be institutionalized, I mean that would be it,” explained Seirawan.

Tuesday`s event also served as a kickoff for the U.S. Chess Championships which start later this week at the St. Louis Chess Club.

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