Tech Report: April’s Favorite Things

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(KPLR)  - Every month our tech guy is on the lookout for gadgets that are unique, affordable and useful.
Rich Demuro has more of his favorite things in Monday`s tech Report.

This month I found an adapter that uses the electrical wiring in your house to extend your internet connection, plus a bag that might just save your wet smartphone.

This month`s favorite things will keep you connected like never before.

Starting with wifi.

There always seems to be one spot in the house where the signal just doesn`t reach.

This amped wireless powerline network adapter turns an electrical outlet into an internet connection.

Just plug the other end into your router, our tester said it worked like a charm, $99 dollars.

Make anywhere a wifi hotspot with AT&Tt unite.

I love the touch screen, because it shows all kinds of great information, like your wifi network name, password, and how much data you`ve used.

Battery life is awesome and I’ve used it to connect to AT&T`s fast lte network in several cities,  99 cents with a contract, 150 without.

Upgrade any car with an aux input.

Or your favorite pair of headphones, with the power of bluetooth; Blueant Ribbon does just that for 70 dollars.

Finally, save your smartphone from water damage for 20 bucks.

Kensington`s evap rescue pouch is 700 times more effective at absorbing moisture than rice.

We dropped this phone in the water, pulled it out and put it in the pack.  24 hours later, it still turned on.

It might not save every phone, but for 20 bucks, it could be worth a try.

That wet pouch is something you hope you never have to use, make sure your phone is backing up! For more information, go to thetechreport dot tv. I`m Rich Demuro, that`s your tech report.

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