Mendte: Flu Vaccine Tax

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – There is no doubt that our economy needs a shot in the arm.  But is taxing flu shots really the way to do it?

Larry Mendte explains the proposed bill and where the money will really go.

So you have the flu?  The sneezing, the congestion, the misery?

Or maybe you have the other kind of flu where you go through a mandatory evacuation from all exits.

Either way, great, next year you can help bring down the national debt.

The United States congress is expected to pass a bill that would tax your flu, adding misery to misery.

Specifically they are taxing the flu vaccine shot at 75 cents a shot.

135 million doses of flu shot will be distributed this year, the governments take would be 100 million dollars.

By the way this is a bi partisan effort both democrat and republicans like taking your money.

They claim the money is to fund the vaccine injury trust fund that provides compensation to people injured by any vaccine, but that fund already has 3.5 billion dollars in it.  In 25 years of existence it hasn`t paid out that much, this fund is fine for the next 30 years without a tax.

So what is the real reason?  For that you need to read the fine print.  Any money not used to pay off claims will be invested in us treasury securities.  In other words the money will be used to finance the nation`s 16.5 trillion dollar debt.

Expect more of this budgetary sleight of hand as congress comes up with ways to take more of your money because they can`t or won`t deal with the debt.

But  the flu tax is especially insidious as we should be encouraging people to get flu shots by making by making it more accessible, not more costly; the flu shot helps the economy by keeping down medical costs and increasing employee production, most importantly it saves lives.

The bill has not passed yet but it is expected to, unless of course the politicians realize they have been caught, that`s why I’m doing this commentary, now what are you going to do.

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